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Monitor a PC or Mobile, find out everything on any computer or mobile phone on your company or house.

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Netspy Cloud For Company

40% Increase in Yield

See the advantages of using Netspy Cloud in your company, do not waste time and start using today!

The graph below shows 2 improvement situations when using Netspy Cloud, where the blue chart is the improvement in productivity, so the employee will be more focused on his daily tasks and the green graph shows the hours he will earn by his employee do not get any more on the internet.



Protect your family from the dangers of the internet

Take care of your family

Are you worried about what your child does on Facebook all day? Want to know what pages your child is opening while you're not around? Now install the wSpy Pro Spy Program.

Now you will be able to see how your child uses the cell phone. Our software also lets you know the location of the cell phone, know who to talk to, be easy to use with your child's cell phone, help you to prevent your family from any danger on the internet.

Increased child safety 85
Best use of internet 64

What do you want to monitor

WT Software has all the kind of monitoring solution you need, whether for Mobile or Computer we have the right solution for you.

wSpy Pro Software Caixa

wSpy Pro Mobile

Spy Cell Phone Program with it Monitor Whatsapp, Instagram Messages, Accessed Sites, Contacts, GPS, Phone Pictures, Calls and more.

Familia, monitoramento, celulares

Monitor your children

Find out where he is, see what sites he's on, who he talks to, all in real time(Depends on the internet of the device), keep them safe.

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NetSpy Pro Software Box

Netspy Pro

Computer Spy Program with it Monitor Digitized Keys, Displayed Screens, Accessed Sites, Online Surveys, Facebook Profiles and Skype.

Pessoa utilizando netspy pro, software de monitoramento

Know everything.

Monitor in a totally hidden way, the program captures screens, typed keys, accessed websites and more. Enjoy and have full access to what happens with the machine.

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NetSpy Cloud Software Box

Netspy Cloud

Real-time spy program, have the convenience of monitoring your computer from anywhere and by any device, online storage.

Funcionários operando computadores

Monitor Your Employees

Have greater performance in the enterprise, see everything employees are doing in real-time, monitor all computers through the online dashboard, and protect the workplace.

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Solutions for all Devices

We have Computer Spy Program, Spy Program for Mobile and Spy Program for Company, sending data by Email or Online via Cloud Panel.

Digital Keys

See everything that is typed on the computer. You'll know what the monitored user typed in emails, chats, documents, and even social networking passwords.


wSpy Pro is an invisible mobile spy program, it keeps track of Whataspp, giving you a real idea of who is talking to your child or employee.

Accessed Sites

Monitor any website accessed and all searches done online, including in anonymous windows. Much more complete, secure and sophisticated than browser history.


Our Program records all the contacts at the moment the program is installed and the contacts added later, you will have a complete copy of the agenda.

Skype conversations

Netspy Pro records the conversations of all people who enter skype in the fully monitored and secure formal monitor machine. Capture both sides of the conversation.


It monitors all the profiles accessed on Facebook, as well as shooting the screens accessed while the user is browsing the most popular social network on the Internet.


Netspy Pro is installed and hidden form, the program does not create icone and does not appear in the control panel, to open the program only with the shortcut keys and password.


wSpy Pro captures the GPS location of your mobile device silently and securely, it gives you a true history of where the person has been with your cell phone.

Screen Photos

A picture (print) of the computer screen is captured at each time interval configured within the program. Example every 30 seconds it takes a picture of the screen.

Plans for all devices


wSpy Pro

$51.74 /1 month

From: $ 51.74 with upgrade and support included.

  • ReleaseBlocked content
  • WhatsAppSent and Received
  • WhatsApp/AudioSent and Received
  • Environment ListeningConversas em áudio
  • Digital KeysAll Digitized Keys
  • SMSSent and Received
  • Direct InstagramSent and Received
  • GPSLocation History
  • CallsDone and Received
  • ContactsComplete Contacts
  • Accessed SitesEven in Anonymous Guide
  • PhotosRemote Control
  • Online SurveysMade in Google
  • Until 6xinterest-free
  • CompatibleAndroid 4.5 up
  • SupportChat/Whatsapp
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Netspy Pro

$46.54 /1 year

From: $ 46.54 with upgrade and support included.

  • ReleaseBlocked content
  • DataReceive by Email
  • InvisibleOn the computer
  • KeysTyping
  • ScreensOn the computer
  • FacebookProfiles and Photos
  • SkypeFull Conversation
  • SitesEven in Anonymous
  • SearchGoogle, Bing e Yahoo
  • Until 6xInterest-free
  • SupportBy email
  • SupportBy online chat
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Netspy Cloud

$59.54 /6 months

From: $ 59.54 with upgrade and support included.

  • AccessFrom any device
  • DataIn real time
  • InvisibleOn the computer
  • KeysTyping
  • ScreensOn the computer
  • FacebookProfiles and Photos
  • SkypeFull Conversation
  • SitesEven in Anonymous
  • SearchGoogle, Bing e Yahoo
  • Until 6xInterest-free
  • SupportBy email
  • SupportBy online chat
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