Terms of cancellation

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By installing, setting up the account and performing the program installation, the licensee fully agrees to our cancellation terms which are strictly within the law. The terms are made available to all customers, even before the purchase, so read carefully all the topics in this term.

  1. In order for the refund policy to apply, you must contact us within 7 (seven) days from the date of purchase of the software license. If you fail to notify us of any issues within the first 7 days from the date of purchase of your subscription, the refund policy will not apply.

  2. We at WT Software release a free trial version, which is available for everyone to use, so make good use of the trial version and get all your questions before purchasing the product, because after releasing the license the refund will only occur if there is a possible failure of the program, or for the 7 days of regret.

  3. Reimbursement will not occur if: the device to be monitored is not compatible, if the licensee does not perform the procedures requested by the sales team after the cancellation request, if he no longer has access to the device, is in violation of any law or does not present the Cancellation Clause (Topic 5).
  4. By performing the program installation and releasing the license, the licensee agrees that he has carried out all the tests of the program, agrees to our terms and informed the person being monitored about the monitoring, when requesting the cancellation the responsible team will request the Cancellation, signed and notarized by the person to be monitored, who must be aware of the monitoring.
  5. The Cancellation Clause is available for DOWNLOAD clicking here, should contain the full name of the monitored person and the licensee, as well as data from official documents such as RG and CPF, must be signed and notarized, done so it must be SCANED and sent to the email ventas@wtsoftware.com.br. When requesting a refund it is imperative that you submit the Clause, when installing / setting up / creating the account on the site you automatically agree to the terms, if the Clause is not presented, the contract will be terminated without refund. Clause based on the Brazilian law of nº 12.965.
  6. You understand that the WT website and Software should be used only for the purpose of (I) controlling the parents of their children, (II) by employers to monitor the devices that belong to them and to which the employees work, III) In a device, which is your property, (IV) by you with the consent of an owner of the device.
  7. WT Software programs may not be used to monitor any other individuals (such as spouse, friend, etc.). This would violate the terms you accepted at the time of purchase and would be subject to immediate termination without refund.
  8. (I) We of WT Software as a company understand the rights of the consumer, it is our duty to attend to them, according to article 49 of the consumer law if the licensee request reimbursement within 7 calendar days after the purchase the licensor must refund the total amount , but if the licensee does not comply with the contract or is in breach of any law during the use of the program, the contract will be terminated immediately without reimbursement. (II) The request for cancellation pursuant to article 49 must be made within the 7 corridos after the purchase, and the process for reimbursement will count from the request, the responsible team will analyze the case and request the Clause signed and recognized in notary by the person to be monitored, the repayment will take place on the next business day.
  9. Refund will not be available for additional purchases or more than one subscription at a time. Your money will be refunded only once. If you buy another subscription to the software in the future, any refund requests will be denied.
  10. Other situations where refund will be denied: If the customer refuses to upgrade to the latest version of the software, when it is released. In the event that the monitored device has its memory erased or restored to user settings, and you no longer have access to the device to reinstall the software. If the operating system of the device being monitored does not meet the compatibility requirements for the operation of the software reported on the site, or if the user voluntarily switches to an operating system that is not compatible with the software. The device to be monitored loses its connection to the internet for any reason (service interruption, problems related to area displacement, etc.). If the customer refuses to follow the installation and troubleshooting guidelines provided by our technical support team. If PREVIOUS data to the application installation is not loaded. If you do not have access to the device to activate / configure / update the software.
  11. By releasing the license in both programs, it indicates that the licensee has performed all the tests and decided to purchase the product, and when releasing or entering the registration key the content monitored in the trial version is released, ie if the licensee requests the refund , will not be performed.
  12. The licensee must pay attention to the deadline for sending the license, for payment made by ticket the release is made on a subsequent business day, the deadline for TED transfer is the same during office hours, as well as the deadline for payment on card, after approval by the card operator. The refund will not occur if the client requests the cancellation due to the delay in sending the license.
  13. Remember that any cancellation is resolved by email within 5 to 7 business days. We do not answer cancellation requests by Chat, Phone or WhatsApp. Only by email ventas@wtsoftware.com.br.
Contato : vendas@wtsoftware.com.br or +55 11 5686-8188