Netspy Pro Spy

An ideal monitoring tool for you, discreet, complete, secure and invisible! free trial!

Digital Keys

Monitor all keystrokes on the computer, emails, chats, documents and even passwords.
Monitor Keys
Captured screens

Capture screenshots from your computer at each time interval configured within the program.
Capture Screens
Accessed Sites

Monitor all websites accessed in Google Chrome, including in anonymous mode.
View Sites
Online Surveys

Record any Google, Bing and Yahoo searches.
View Surveys

Monitor profiles accessed on Facebook, and photograph screens accessed on the social network.
See Facebook

Netspy Pro is installed covertly, the program does not create an icon and does not appear in the control panel.
Monitor Now

Receive keyword alerts, when there is user search, an email is sent.
Create Alerts
Email Plan

Receive emails with program reports (except screenshots).
Receive by Email

How to monitor a device?

See in simple steps how easy it is to monitor a device, install in less than 3 minutes.

Download Netspypro on the computer you want to monitor
Install the Monitoring App on the desired device.
Follow the data through the program or receive it via Email
Our Structure

Cloud Security

All data is encrypted and only the owner of the account that has access to the monitored data.


Our servers are the most modern on the market and we rely on high technology Cloud Computing

Easy to use, intuitive interface

Netspy Pro has an easy-to-use interface, all in Portuguese and completely developed for all people to use.

Detailed Features of Netspy Pro
Netspy Pro is a keylogger capable of monitoring everything typed on the monitored machine. With it you will know what the monitored user typed in emails, chats, documents and even passwords for accessing social networks.
Keystroke logging is organized chronologically by the application and window, allowing you to easily differentiate what is typed into a word processing document, email, spreadsheet, or web browser.
Full Reports
Monitors the keys in a 100% invisible way.
Monitor passwords for emails and social networks.
The Netspy Pro Screen Capture System allows you to view what the machine user has accessed. The screen is photographed every 5 seconds (this time can be reset by you). The program has a player that lets you check how slides, or pause to analyze what you are looking for. You can select the date for fetching reports, as well as save the images that you find important and delete the ones you do not want.
To give you a real and clear idea of what your child is doing on your computer, Netspy Pro - Spy Program continually takes snapshots of everything on the computer screen. these photos or prints can be taken frequently every 5 seconds, or can be taken based on user activity such as clicking the mouse, visiting a web page, or re-launching a program.
Configurable time interval within the program.
Images can be accessed within the program.
Much more complete, secure and sophisticated than browser history, Netspy Pro records information from any site accessed on the monitored machine. Providing details of the user, date of access, time of the last visit to the site and the link of the exact page that the user navigated to. Netspy Pro has the advantage of monitoring the accesses made even in anonymous window or Inprivate. In the same way that the user accesses in an open window, the software will monitor these hidden windows that are not registered in the browser history.
The Netspy Pro Spy program records all searches done on Google, Bing and yahoo. This function will give you greater understanding of what the user of the machine has done and searched for in your access time, you can understand what has been the downtime of your employees or the interests of your child on the Internet.
Detailed history of each site accessed by the machine user.
Date, time and order of access to the site.
Netspy Pro - Spy program is effective when monitoring all profiles accessed on Facebook, as well as shooting the accessed screens as the user navigates the most popular social network on the Internet. With the Netspy Pro Spy Program, these activities will be logged and you will be able to see with whom your children communicate on the Internet, and ensure their safety.
Netspy Pro Spy Program is the perfect tool for monitoring Skype conversations, photographing screens, giving you more insight on how to use this online chat application. It is a program widely used in companies, for being more reserved, but for those who wish more exposure is also possible. Like any other program, it presents its dangers and frauds. So a spy program can be the resolution of so much mistrust.
Full record of Facebook's navigations.
Date, time, full history.
Netspy Pro sends reports to the email you sign up for the program. This facilitates their monitoring, and no machine access is necessary to verify the records.
On any computer you access your Email and check the reports of keystrokes typed, websites accessed, skype conversations, facebook link, online searches (except screens captured).
By e-mail you wait for the reports and check the content later.
The user will not be notified of remote monitoring.

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Payment by credit and debit card

Revealing information prior to purchase


Compatible with Windows from version 7, 8 and 10 }} {{__('(NÃO é compatível com Mac).')

Installation / Activation

You must install the program on the computer you want to monitor.

Access to Reports

Through your email you can access your Email from any Mobile Computer or Tablet.

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