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Can I install free on how many cell phones?

In your account you can add as many devices as you want, that is, you can test on how many devices you think is best.

How many devices can I monitor with 1 license?

The plans on our site are individual, but we give up discounts when it comes to acquiring various licenses, get in touch and check conditions. * Special discounts for companies

Can I monitor an iPhone?

For now our program is only available for Android devices, now if you want to use an iPhone to monitor an Android is possible.

After installing I have how many days to pay?

After installing the Software you have 7 days to realize the purchase, after the 7 days you must reinstall the program to activate.

Can I monitor a cell phone from a distance?

To monitor a mobile from a distance, you first need to install our program on the phone you want to monitor.

Is it possible to monitor a mobile phone by IMEI or number?

There is no monitoring by the IMEI number, to monitor any device, our application must be installed on it.

How will I monitor the phone?

You will enter our site by the cell that will monitor and install the program, during the installation you create an account with email and password, this will be your login to monitor the device of your mobile phone through our online panel on the website

Will I monitor everything in the test version?

The trial version has a two-day deadline. By installing the software for free on the mobile phone, the program will monitor all activities, but you will have partial access to the registered content. For full access, purchase the license in our Online Shop.

Do I need to enter the target device number?

No need since the program does not use the number to do the monitoring, the application must be installed directly on the mobile of the person you want to monitor.

Can I install on a new phone, or did I just restore it?

We do not recommend this type of procedure, because if it is a new device with nothing installed or configured, information conflicts may occur, because there is the initial reading of the application that is necessary for a good operation. In this case we only recommend this procedure if you have access to the device after giving it to the user, to make settings and updates if necessary.

Is there any way to install without access to the device?

There is no way to install without access to the device you want to monitor.

Will I be able to access photos and videos uploaded via WhatsApp?

Our program will completely monitor text messages and audios sent via WhatsApp, you will see the two parts of the conversation, sent and received.

How to trace a stolen cell phone?

Unfortunately it is not possible to monitor a mobile phone that does not have our application installed.

Is the app hidden?

The wSpy application will act totally hidden in the device that is installed, acting invisibly, as if it were an application of the Android system.

How long does the installation take?

Installation is very simple, takes less than 3 minutes and the application is completely hidden in the device.

How do I use the free trial?

You can install the trial version of our application Clicando aqui. This trial version lasts within 2 days.

Do I need to install on my device too?

No, you install the program only on the device you want to monitor. In your device you access the online panel only through our website, using the registration made in the installation.

Will I get free updates?

We at WT Software offer updates, that is, if you have registered one of our software, your registration will be valid for all versions of it to be released during the valid period of your license.

Have you installed the monitoring software on my machine what to do?

Wt Software only makes the tool available and is not liable for misuse. Only those who installed the program have access to it through the password to uninstall.

How to learn to use the software?

Our programs are very simple to use, are programmed for ordinary users, so it is not necessary to be a computer technician to use. We also provide complete program manuals so you can install, configure or activate the software.

Cell Phone Spy

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Can I listen to the calls?

The program will monitor the call log, that is, you will have access to information such as who called (name or number), when (date and time) and the status of the call (if it was lost, made or received)

O aplicativo monitora senhas?

Não, o aplicativo para celular não monitora nenhum tipo de senha, somente o programa espião de computador tem esse recurso.

How long is the information sent?

The time for sending the information depends solely and exclusively on the target device, its use and the internet, that is, the more you use and the better the internet, the faster the data will arrive on your dashboard.

In the installation should I use my email or the person's?

During the installation you will create a login, to create this login you need to use your personal email, it can be gmail, hotmail, yahoo and so on. With this login you will access the online panel on our website to monitor the target device data.

Does the program work on any Android device?

The application is compatible with android phones above version 5.0, there are several smartphone models around the world to ensure it will work you should at least download, install and use the free version for 2 days.

Does the program monitor passwords entered?

No, the application does not capture any type of target cell password.

Does the application monitor when the person is on 3G / 4G?

This is a type of case in which the monitoring depends on some factors, because this type of connection is not stable, that is, it depends on a place with good signal. It also depends on the type of user's plan, that is, how much the person has of GB available for use, because the spy application is intelligent and knows to what extent can use the mobile data without being identified by the user for excessive use of the internet.

The program will monitor deleted messages after the installation.

The program will monitor deleted messages after the installation.

If the device is restored, will I lose the application?

In this case the spy application will be deleted just like everyone else, you will not lose the license, but you will need to install the application again.

Need root?

The installation of the wSpy app is very simple, does not require root, installation takes less than 3 minutes and does not change the performance of the device that is installed.

Can I send the application file to the person so I do not need access to the device?

It is not possible because you will only forward the executable, you will need to install the application and follow all the necessary settings following this step-by-step.
View tutorial

My program is not monitoring WhatsApp, what do I do?

Try to follow this procedure, if you do not resolve, please contact our specialized team View tutorial.

Can I monitor old conversations?

The program only monitors the conversations that were viewed by the user of the target device after the installation of wSpy.

O aplicativo pode ser removido por algum antivírus?

O aplicativo espião consegue "escapar" da segurança e verificação nativa do aparelho, mas não garantimos que o espião tenha o mesmo desempenho atuando juntamente com o um anti vírus baixado pela PlayStore, sendo assim recomendamos que o aparelho alvo não tenha qualquer tipo de anti vírus ou aplicativo de limpeza


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Should the purchase be made by the device that I will monitor?

No need, you can make the purchase at any time on your mobile or computer.

How do I access the software activation?

You will receive by email, in the email registered in the purchase, so be sure to fill with an updated email in which you have access.

Is the purchase safe?

Yes, the purchase / transaction is completely secure.


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as licenças.

I bought a license, how many devices can I activate?

Each license is valid for one device, it is not possible to activate on two devices with the same license. In this case we recommend that you contact our sellers to purchase additional licenses.

I paid, what is the deadline for releasing the license?

It depends from the payment method used: Payment by credit card the license is sent on time, being via deposit or transfer the license of the program is sent within 24 hours, paid in working days, we will do our best to send it within our (weekends the license is sent on the next business day.) In case of payment via bank transfer, the deadline is 24 hours paid on a business day, and 72 hours, paid on the weekend.

Is the license lifelong?

Não, a licença tem validade, cada pacote tem o seu prazo, certifique-se antes da compra.

Os dados são salvos após o vencimento da licença?

Não, pois o conteúdo é liberado somente durante a vigência do pacote, sendo possível salvar o conteúdo diretamente pelo painel durante o período contratado. Caso não tenha salvo, poderá liberar o conteúdo em até 30 dias após o plano ter expirado, sendo necessário adquirir um novo pacote. Solicite agora seu desconto de renovação

Após o plano vencer, posso renovar em quanto tempo ?

Recomendamos que renove o produto antes do prazo antigo vencer, pois após ter expirado não garantimos o funcionamento do produto em nenhum prazo estipulado.

NetSpy Pro

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How do I access the content monitored by the program?

Inside the program, on the machine where it is installed, or by email. You can also access the content through the website, however in this case you need to acquire the specific license for the CLOUD system. Learn more about Cloud

How do I know if the software meets my needs or is it compatible with my computer / system?

We recommend that you install the trial version available on the site (Downloads) and see the compatibility software description. In addition to contacting us for more information.

Do I need access to the machine I want to monitor?

Yes. To install, activate, update, and configure the software. These procedures are performed on the machine where the software was installed, and can not be performed remotely.

Deletei um relatório e quero recuperar, como faço?

The company does not have any kind of copy of the content, monitored, so it is not possible to recover after the deletion.

Can I activate the program from any machine, or by my email?

No, just like the installation, the activation of the program can only be done on the machine where the test version was installed. We send all the activation step by step email, along with the code, after payment.

Does our software slow the device down?

This is quite difficult, but it can vary depending on the machine's memory, or the amount of monitored reports stored in the program. In the program we offer the functions of save / delete reports and also delete content after sending by email. This will keep the software and the machine running smoothly.

I formatted my machine, what to do?}

The procedure is basically the same as previously done, you must install the trial version by the site, and activate the program again, the activation code remains the same, within the validity period of the license.

What email should I register within the program?

You must register an email for personal use, because all content monitored by the program will be sent to this email. That is, only you will have access to it. WT software is not responsible, if you register any email that another user has access, since this is not recommended, any email address is for personal and non-transferable use.

How do I know where the program is installed on the machine?

According to the terms of use: Terms of use 4. About Invisibility 4.1 WT Software reserves the right of confidentiality regarding the address of its programs on the machines.

NetSpy Cloud

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How long will the content in the Cloud be available?

The content is available in the panel for 7 days, as the days go by it deletes the oldest data.

Can I just use the cloud?

It's not possible. Netspy Pro does content monitoring, the cloud only gives access to this content through the site. Therefore it is not possible to use the Cloud without the license of Netspy Pro, they are different software, that is, a license for each service.


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Do I get discount on renewal?

Yes, to request the discount purchase link, please contact us.

What timetable?

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (BRT)

How can I contact support?

Through the online attendance by the site, or by email, at the address: