Spy program for mobile and computer

Monitor a device completely securely and discreetly, know everything a person does on the internet

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Capture GPS location with full history
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Know the number, time and type of the call
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Sync the App in real time with your dashboard
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Receive notifications of new data sent to your dashboard
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How to monitor a device?

Veja em simples passos como é fácil monitorar um dispositivo, instale em menos de 3 minutos.

Download wSpy on the phone you want to monitor
Install the Monitoring App on the desired device.
Log in to wSpy Control Panel to start monitoring

100% reliable and secure company

WT Software has led the Brazilian market for over 12 years, bringing the best software for monitoring

Servidor de dados
Data security
The monitored data is completely safe on our state-of-the-art servers, the information is stored in an encrypted form, only you will have access with your registration email and password
Call center
Full support
Support entirely in Portuguese, request assistance via Chat Online, WhatsApp, email and phone. Support is included before and after purchase, we will be helping you at all times
Mulher, celular
Simple installation
Install the app, create an account on our website and access the data monitored on the dashboard, all in about 3 minutes. WT Software brings ease and convenience to its customers' lives, through a high-tech and easy-to-use platform

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