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This is quite difficult, but it can vary depending on the machine's memory, or the amount of monitored reports stored in the program. In the program we offer the functions of save / delete reports and also delete content after sending by email. This will keep the software and the machine running smoothly.
Our programs are very simple to use, they are programmed for ordinary users, so it is not necessary to be a computer technician to use. We also provide the program manual Guide and our channel on Youtube with videos to help and get more questions Youtube.
We recommend that you install the trial version available on the site (Downloads) and see the compatibility software description. In addition to contacting us for more information.
According to the terms of use: Terms of use 4. About Invisibility 4.1 WT Software reserves the right of confidentiality regarding the address of its programs on the machines.
Contact, send your full name, email address, your license, and the new email you want to register.

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No, the license has validity, each package has its deadline, make sure before the purchase.
Netspy Pro – 1 year
Netspy Cloud – Pacotes de 3 months, 6 months, e 1 year.
The license is valid according to the period you choose and this term counts from the date of the sending of the license, not the activation. Therefore, the ideal is to activate as soon as you receive the license by email.

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It varies from the payment method used: Payment by credit / debit card, deposit or transfer the license of the program is sent within 24 hours, paid in working days, we will do our best to send it within our office hours. the license is sent on the next business day.) In case of payment via bank invoice the deadline is 24 hours paid on a business day, and 72 hours, paid on the weekend.

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It's not possible. Netspy Pro does content monitoring, the cloud only gives access to this content through the site. Therefore it is not possible to use the Cloud without the license of Netspy Pro, they are different software, that is, a license for each service.
To see the current version of your program click here

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Yes, to request the discount purchase link, please contact us.
Yes, and discounts vary according to the amount of licenses, click for more information: click here
From Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (BRT)
Through the online attendance by the site, or by email, at the address:

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Questions about payment of WT Software licenses

It is not necessary because the code is sent by email.
You will receive by email, in the email registered in the purchase, so be sure to fill with an updated email in which you have access.
Yes, as long as the software is up to date, there is no release of content from outdated versions.
Yes, the purchase is completely safe, it follows more information: SAFE BUY.

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Questions about payment of WT Software licenses

Inside the program, on the machine where it is installed, or by email. You can also access the content through the website, however in this case you need to acquire the specific license for the CLOUD system. Learn more about Cloud
There is no option within the program because the software does not differentiate who is using the machine. The software monitors any user who uses the machine where it is installed.
All content monitored since the installation of the trial version will be released, within the program, after activating the software. It is important to note that if you delete any content from the software, it will not be recovered. The emails sent before the software was activated, remained the same, the content release is within the software.
The content is available in the panel for 7 days, as the days go by it deletes the oldest data.
You must register an email for personal use, because all content monitored by the program will be sent to this email. That is, only you will have access to it. WT software is not responsible, if you register any email that another user has access, since this is not recommended, any email address is for personal and non-transferable use.
The procedure is basically the same as previously done, you must install the trial version by the site, and activate the program again, the activation code remains the same, within the validity period of the license.
No, just like the installation, the activation of the program can only be done on the machine where the test version was installed. We send all the activation step by step email, along with the code, after payment.
The company does not have any kind of copy of the content, monitored, so it is not possible to recover after the deletion.
Wt Software only makes the tool available and is not liable for misuse. Only those who installed the program have access to it through the password to uninstall.
We at WT Software offer updates, that is, if you have registered one of our software, your registration will be valid for all versions of it to be released during the valid period of your license.
Yes. To install, activate, update, and configure the software. These procedures are performed on the machine where the software was installed, and can not be performed remotely.

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Questions about payment of WT Software licenses

You will receive the software activation code by email along with the instructions for use. Remembering that the shipping period varies from the payment method. (check Delivery item).
Each license is valid for 1 machine, it is not possible to activate two machines with the same code. I recommend that you contact our sellers to purchase more licenses.
The trial version download is free, does not expire, but limits access to content. For download, click here